How to Design a Dog Friendly Yard

White picket fences, green grass, a dog in the backyard and 2.4 children per household was once the American dream. Now we know that the picket fence is an English ideal and if you have a dog frolicking in...

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Growing a Beverage Garden in Florida

Inspired by the beverage garden at Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, I have been researching and planting a drinkable landscape. Shrubs which produce berries, perennial herbs and fruiting trees are some of the additions you can make to your...

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Growing Avocados in Florida

“Is it expensive at the grocery store,” is one of the first questions I ask myself when deciding what edible plant to grow in my yard. It makes sense to grow and allot space for things that are costly,...

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Top 12 Asian Edibles to Grow in Florida

Every year I teach my students about native, nonnative and invasive species. They are always surprised to learn that the ubiquitous citrus is a nonnative from Australasia, being domesticated in Asia a few thousand years ago. Last June when...

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Sketchbook Circle Project

A sketchbook circle projects is a year-long collaborative venture that encourages artists to make time for their art and share it with their friends. Reach out to friends this year and start one yourself! In a year you will...

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