motivate your pets

Motivate Your Pets

It is cold and snowy and you don’t want to get out of bed. It’s a lack of motivation that is keeping you underneath those warm, comfortable blankets. Perhaps thinking about a mouthwatering breakfast or a refreshing shower might justContinue reading

growing bananas

Growing Bananas

Five years ago I started growing banana plants They were all free from Craigslist transplants Except for one, which was special, so I decided to pay It was an unusual variety and it was my birthday It cost twenty-five dollarsContinue reading

target train your pet

How to Target Train Your Pet

Learning how to target train your pet might be the most beneficial behavior you could train. When an animal targets, you are asking them to aim a body part towards a specific object. Once trained, this behavior has endless possibilities.Continue reading

caring for mice

Caring for Mice

CCKC is going to the rodents. Ever since we stopped being a nomadic species, mice have stayed with us. Once we started farming and especially once we started storing dry food, rodents caught on. While this situation might not haveContinue reading

raw dog diet

Raw Diet for Dogs

Rare, medium or well-processed. With those choices, some are considering if a raw diet for dogs is better than a corn based processed kibble. Angela Dugrenier and Jeremy Miklas are artsy, animal-loving, spicy Thai-food eating people that I want toContinue reading

caring for and raising axolotls

Raising and Caring for Axolotls

Think lizards, without scales. Also think of an animal that is fully aquatic with rubbery pink, yellow or brown skin and feathery gills and you would have an axolotl. Axolotls, which are native to central Mexico, are fascinating pets. HereContinue reading

Dubia roaches

Raising and Caring for Cockroaches

This past week, after months of searching on Craigslist, I found someone selling Blaptica dubia. They are also known as the orange spotted, Guyana or Argentinian wood…cockroach. Yes, I bought 25 young cockroaches, to live in my house. Their nymphs,Continue reading

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