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Harvested in 2021 from plants that I sowed in 2019 from Baker Creek. If you are ONLY ordering seeds, please use coupon code SEEDS for FREE shipping!

Here is Baker Creek’s description of this species:

(Taraxacum pseudoroseum) Perennial. A darling little wildflower from central Asia, pink dandelion is a much less prolific relative of the common yellow dandelion. While a pink dandelion may seem unusual to American gardeners, the pastel blooms can be found growing along forest edge lines, meadows and roadsides in their native range. Leaves, roots and blooms of pink dandelion are edible; they are considered slightly less bitter than the common yellow dandelion. The 1-2 inch blooms are pink with a lemon-cream center, making them incredibly alluring to butterflies, honeybees and other pollinators.

We ship live plants and seeds only on Mondays.

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