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Harvested in 2021 from plants that I sowed in 2019 from Baker Creek. If you are ONLY ordering seeds, please use coupon code SEEDS for FREE shipping!

Here is Baker Creek’s description of this species:

(Taraxacum albidum) Perennial. In Japan, white dandelion is held in high esteem. A white-flowered member of the dandelion family, this species, Taraxacum albidum, is specifically found growing wild in southern Japan. It is not considered an aggressive or weedy dandelion variety. Instead, it is celebrated in its native land as a useful food and medicine plant. Its delicately bitter leaves are lightly boiled into Ohitashi. The snow-white blooms are lightly battered and fried for tempura, and the long tap root is favored both for its culinary potential and its medicinal benefits. Try growing a trifecta of dandelions in pink, yellow and white for a perfectly pretty pastel presentation!

We ship live plants and seeds only on Mondays.

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