Urban Hens – Keeping Chickens in Florida

I’ve been raising poultry for over 20 years and have written hundreds of articles for various state and national chicken, gardening, and homesteading magazines. I currently raise pure breeds and hybrids in both a wooden coop and in a modern backyard-chic Eglu Cube. This intro to chicken keeping workshop will include, coop and husbandry requirements, choosing breeds, general care, and the opportunity to take a selfie with a hen (chick pic). Q&A over refreshments will end the workshop. Each guest will be provided course notes and a goodie bag.

raising chickens

Make and Take Terrarium

After a brief tour of the homestead’s gardens you will create your own low-maintenance, space-saving garden to exhibit in your office or home. Price includes; unique container, planting medium, plants, and decorations. Light refreshments served. Guests also receive a gift and terrarium troubleshooting guide to keep those brown thumbs green!

Intro to Animal Training

This introductory workshop will give you the tools to identify and modify behavior through positive reinforcement. You can use these tools to enhance social skills, increase positive interactions with your animals, or even train advanced behaviors (like jumping through a hoop, or recycling a bottle into a receptacle). The course will end with an interactive training game, allowing you to prove you are ready to take your new skills and apply them to your pets (and people!) in your life. Each guest will be provided course notes and a goodie bag.

animal training


All workshops begin with light refreshments and a tour of the residential gardens and greenhouse. Our workshops are run as small groups, usually for up to 5 adults, from our family home, helping you to apply your new hobby back to your own home. We are located in Forrest Hills. Please note we are only open by appointment.

The workshops will take place both outside and, in our education building, so please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the prevailing weather conditions. The education building has air-conditioning!

Each workshop is 2 hours in length. Throughout the year, we are open 3-4 times a month.