99½ Homesteading Poems


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99½ Homesteading Poems offers inspiration and advice through themed poems covering gardening, DIY projects, building community, raising livestock and over 20 farm-to-fork recipes. Poems are functional yet funny. Empowers homesteaders, urban-farmers and city slickers to start living a sustainable, self-reliant life. Foreword by Amy K. Fewell, Founder of Homesteaders of America.


84 pages, 7 x 10 inches

99½ Homesteading Poems has received national praise from magazine editors and homesteaders alike.

“In Kenny Coogan’s book, 99½ Homesteading Poems, the reader gets a whimsical glimpse of life on the homestead – through poetry. The author has successfully delivered snippets of life out there in a manner that’s fun to read, makes you think, chuckle and even offers some insight on what to expect. If homesteading is your game (or dream) then you will enjoy Coogan’s compilation.” — Hank Will, Editorial Director, Mother Earth News

“Homesteading is a way of life that should be celebrated, as Kenny Coogan does in 99½ Homesteading Poems. I love the humor, clever rhymes and bits of knowledge passed down through verse. From “Saving Heritage Breeds” to building a “Gate,” Kenny’s writings are sure to plant a smile on your face.” — Roger Sipe, Editor, Hobby Farms and Chickens magazines

“I thoroughly enjoyed this unique take on chicken keeping! Interesting in learning the basics in a lyrical way? Then pick up a copy of Kenny Coogan’s book and learn as you enjoy the clever poetry contained within the pages.”  Lisa Steele, author of Fresh Eggs Daily and Gardening with Chickens

“The poems in the book will delight any gardener.  The content matter includes everything gardening and farming, from planning the garden to living with animal predators.   Presented both whimsically or seriously, the poems will bring a humorous smile to the face or provide food for thought.” Jere Gettle, founder and owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

“To write poems about homesteading, while having fun, and throwing in nuggets to learn from; it takes a work of art… and Kenny does a masterful job. I belly laughed when I read, ‘Chicken Names’, as it is so comical and yet, so true. This book will give you positive thoughts to meet you where you’re at on your homesteading journey.” — Jake Grzenda, White House on the Hill

“A charming collection of poetry that perfectly sums up this homestead life we all love so much!” — Jill Winger, The Prairie Homestead

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