N. campanulata x chaniana


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These plants were imported in September 2022 from Malesiana Tropicals. Since the import they have grown new leaves in our 65-90 greenhouse.

Hybrids in 2013 exclusively to Malesiana Tropicals. The pitcher are bell shaped with small greenish-yellow color and broad mouth. N.campanulata are extremely rare in nature. N. chaniana is native to the mountains of northern Borneo where it grows epiphytically on moss-laden trees. The lime-green pitchers resemble N. stenophylla in shape but have a distinctive hook-like glandular crest at the base of the lid.

The plant you receive may or may not have pitchers. They have beautiful purple velvety pitchers.

These plants ship bareroot.

This Malesiana Tropicals plant is classified as an intermediate.

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