N. hirsuta x spathulata


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These plants were imported in September 2022 from Malesiana Tropicals. Since the import they have grown new leaves in our 65-90 greenhouse.

Malesiana Tropicals Description: N. hirsuta x N. spathulata is a hybrid between lowlander and highlander. N. hirsuta (to give ease of culture) with N. spathulata (a highland species with fabulous pitcher colour and hardy pitcher). The mature pitcher is large and very hardy. A distinctive feature of this species is pitcher with dark spotted and amazing ‘black’ color peristome.

The LAST photo is provided by Malesiana Tropicals and is for reference only. The plant you receive may or may not have pitchers.

These plants ship IN THEIR POTS.

This Malesiana Tropicals plant is classified as an intermediate/lowland Nepenthes.

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