N. madagascariensis


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These plants were imported in September 2022 from Malesiana Tropicals. Since the import they have grown new leaves in our 65-90 greenhouse.

Description: A beautiful species endemic to Madagascar. It is a plant growing about 3 feet high which carries at the end of its leaves, which are 7 inches long, a hollow flower or fruit resembling a small vase, with its own lid, a wonderful sight. Funnel-shaped pitchers, slightly tinted wine color with yellow peristome.

Cultivation recommendations: Naturally plants grew in a very wet acidic sandy soil with peat moss and sphagnum. The sun always is very strong and day temperature can often be up to 35°C all over the year.

The plant you receive may or may not have pitchers. They have beautiful purple velvety pitchers.

These plants ship bareroot.

This Malesiana Tropicals plant is classified as an intermediate.

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