N. ventricosa – Madja-as: BE-3278 – Small


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One (1) N. ventricosa – Madja-as: BE-3278 – Small

Photo(s) are provided by Borneo Exotics and are  representative.  Plants may or may not currently have pitchers.

Waisted pitchers with a waxy texture. This well-known species comes in a wide variety of colourations. It is probably one of the most hardy and forgiving of all highland Nepenthes and is therefore an ideal beginner’s plant. Originating from Mt. Madja-as. Pitchers are red striped on a pink background. A very distinctive and highly attractive form of the species!

Ships bareroot. Roots will be wrapped in sphagnum moss, but you will need to provide your own pot and more potting substrate when the plant arrives. We ship only on Mondays. 
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