Nepenthes bracteosa


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One (1) Nepenthes bracteosa ,Thailand, seed grown

These were imported from Thailand around May 1, 2022.
Check out this video that I helped write for the ICPS on “How to acclimate your carnivorous plants.”
Nepenthes bracteosa is a tropical pitcher plant endemic to Nakhon Si Thammarat province in Thailand. Nepenthes bracteosa differs from the closely allied Nepenthes krabiensis by its shorter stem, filiform spur that are branched, the presence of axillary bud in 2-3 axils in the upper part of the flowering plant, presence of fringed wing in the upper pitcher, lid apex that are occasionally indurate and emarginate, presence of bracts on solitary flowers for both male and female inflorescences, short androphore, and 8-13 anther sacs (15-20 anther sacs in N. krabiensis).

Our Thai imported plants are true lowlanders, this means they do best with 80-90F during the day and do not grow/do well if the temperature falls below 60 at night. They also do best in high humidity in range of 70-100%.

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