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A sketchbook circle projects is a year-long collaborative venture that encourages artists to make time for their art and share it with their friends. Reach out to friends this year and start one yourself! In a year you will be so pleased with the results.

Look at these wonderful examples of sketchbook circle projects:

Artist: Katy Lyness
Artist: Dick Rauh

Artist: Jeanne Reiner
Artist: Mary Christiansen

Here are some instructions on how to get started with your own sketchbook circle project:

  1. Get a dozen or so friends to sign up.
  2. Create a list of participants. This will be the order for transmission of the book. For example: Person A allows sends the sketchbook to Person B, Person B to Person C and the last person to Person A.
  3. Each participant should reach out to the artist following their own name on the list for information as to where to send each book.
  4. The sketchbook that the group will use should all be the same.
  5. The owner of the sketchbook should create a title page identifying the book specifically as theirs and more generally as part of this project. It is suggested that a list of the other artists be included in this cover page or as a separate page.
  6. Each work should be completed and mailed to the next artist by the end of each month
  7. The only parameters on the work are that it be of a botanical nature or something in the realm of natural science, and further, that it reflect the flora or fauna of the current season.
  8. Colored pencil, graphite, watercolor, gouache, etc. are all acceptable.
  9. The artist can create a finished, detailed work or simply do exploratory sketches (or anything in-between). –  Writing may be included, such as color notes or comments concerning artistic issues. Or the artist may choose to include more scientific details about the subject such as habitat, etc. Or one could even include a personal observation or poem.

To learn more about Dick Rauh, who recently visited my homestead and drew some of my plants, check out this article.

Spread the love
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