Carnivorous Plant Pests and Diseases

Regardless of how good you garden, eventually you will be visited by pests and diseases. Here are some common carnivorous plant pests and diseases we have encountered here in Florida. Fusarium sp. Fusarium sp. will wipe out entire trays of...Continue reading

carnivorous plant care

Carnivorous Plant Care Chart

  Here is a PDF of a chart for Carnivorous Plant Care that I created. I usually give this out as a postcard when people purchase plants in person or online. I hope this helps: Carnivorous Plant Care

how to ship carnivorous plants

How To Ship Carnivorous Plants?

As my at-home-hobby grows, I am finding like minded people not just in my town but all over the US. I am now branching out and selling or trading to carnivorous plant collectors in different states. Which brought me to...Continue reading

Johnnie Hagin’s Gardens

Like many great plant friendships, I was introduced to Johnnie Hagin by another plant friend, Demi Stearns. Johnnie lives a block away from my Tampa home. Her yard is the size of a small city plot, but her yard is...Continue reading

Successful Squash: Chayote

After six years of living in Florida I have come to realization that I will not be producing huge yields of yellow squash and green zucchini. If I am going to be successful in squash production, I will have to...Continue reading

Philodendron Fanatic – Josh Caraballo

Josh Caraballo has had a passion for the environment, animals, and plants his entire life. Recently he has become a philodendron fanatic. At dinner, on more than one occasion, he has had to check his phone multiple times to see...Continue reading

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