Tampa’s Sustainable Living Project

I try to be conscientious in all my habits. From using less plastics, to less electricity, I am in a constant search of how to reduce my carbon footprint. One positive impact we can make as gardeners is growing our...Continue reading

Jazzed Up Garden

Jazz is a culmination of American philosophy and musical styles. Started in the early 1900s, jazz is the quintessential music of the U.S. From its origins in New Orleans and through its many variations, jazz remains a trademark of American...Continue reading

Creating a Chicken-Friendly Garden

Welcome to Florida’s version of winter. It’s a great time to be working in the gardens, making the rest of the country envious of our ability to grow year round. Gardening with chickens can be very enriching for all parties...Continue reading

Gardening With a Purpose

To most, gardening is about the aesthetic, the appeal to the eye, but what about if all your gardening had a purpose? Creating a real homestead garden. Using every inch of your garden and landscape to create something sustainable and practical....Continue reading

Fruits With a Fight

Stunning, juicy, and wickedly thorny. These fruits have a little fight in them, but offer very delicious berries. I happen to love plants that have evolved to protect their wonderful fruits. I have been growing both for a few years...Continue reading

10 Frozen Garden Treats that POP!

After a long morning in the garden, when you are too tired to cook, you’ll be thrilled to nosh on these refreshing homemade and possibly homegrown popsicles.  With the abundance of summer, you should be able to produce many of...Continue reading

How to Design a Dog Friendly Yard

White picket fences, green grass, a dog in the backyard and 2.4 children per household was once the American dream. Now we know that the picket fence is an English ideal and if you have a dog frolicking in the...Continue reading

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