Growing a Beverage Garden in Florida

Inspired by the beverage garden at Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, I have been researching and planting a drinkable landscape. Shrubs which produce berries, perennial herbs and fruiting trees are some of the additions you can make to your garden...Continue reading

Growing Avocados in Florida

“Is it expensive at the grocery store,” is one of the first questions I ask myself when deciding what edible plant to grow in my yard. It makes sense to grow and allot space for things that are costly, especially...Continue reading

Top 12 Asian Edibles to Grow in Florida

Every year I teach my students about native, nonnative and invasive species. They are always surprised to learn that the ubiquitous citrus is a nonnative from Australasia, being domesticated in Asia a few thousand years ago. Last June when I...Continue reading

Middle School Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions

Dairy Production Video: This video addresses components of skills and principles used in dairy production. The student will be able to: 03.01 Explain the difference between breeds of dairy cattle. 03.02 Demonstrate knowledge of proper health and nutrition for dairy...

Sketchbook Circle Project

A sketchbook circle projects is a year-long collaborative venture that encourages artists to make time for their art and share it with their friends. Reach out to friends this year and start one yourself! In a year you will be...Continue reading

South African Adventures

Shark Cage Diving KZN was awesome! Owner, John Miller a pioneer in Shark Cage Diving in KwaZulu Natal area of South Africa gave us an incredible adventure. Check it out. Heritage Tours and Safari’s hippo and croc cruise was a...Continue reading

Growing Vertical

Earlier this week I presented at the Hillsborough County STEM Academy about growing vertical. I gave a summary of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) lesson titled, “Vertical Farming: How to Feed 9 Billion People.” The lesson is aligned...Continue reading

Reducing Weeds Organically

When Nate Chetelat from Gnarly Farms, an urban homestead in Tampa, Fl., came over and told me that my pond area was being overrun by gotu kola I was upset. Not because I had a weed problem, but because I...Continue reading

Space Saving Herbs

Space Saving Herbs If you could only grow one group of edibles, herbs should be at the top of your list, due to their versatility in the kitchen. They are also easy to grow, due to their forgiving nature and...Continue reading

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