From 2019-2021 we have imported from Thailand and Sri Lanka a dozen times. We have the nurseries ship Air Freight. This allows the plants to go from their nursery to ours in just 2-3 days!

Previously, once received we would pot them up, observe them for 4-6 weeks, and then ship them out to customers. Now for some orders, we are offering a pre-order.

Items in the shopping list labeled pre-order mean that once we import them (which involves USDA permits, a broker, and inspection) we will ship the plants immediately to you. This way you can get the plants sooner and acclimate them to your set-up. This allows the plants not to be jostled and disturbed as many times as our previous method.

Our pre-order works slightly different than other nurseries. For an item to be listed as a pre-order, that means that we have already paid the foreign nursery and the plants are about to be shipped within a day or two! If you order a pre-sale item, you should get your plant within two weeks. To import them into the country takes 2-3 days and then we ship using Priority USPS which is another 2-3 days.

While items that we have in stock only ship on Mondays, pre-order items will ship as soon as we receive the plants. This is typically Tuesday-Thursday.

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