Dionaea muscipula ‘SPIDERMAN’


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One (1) Dionaea muscipula ‘SPIDERMAN’ (Venus flytrap cultivar)

Dionaea muscipula “Spiderman” is a plant with highly deformed traps, ranging from bright green to yellow. Its leaf and trap exhibit distinctly irregular shapes, sizes, and appearances!

They will ship bareroot. You will need to pot them up in carnivorous plant appropriate soil. They do well in 100% sphagnum moss OR 1/2 peat and 1/2 perlite OR 1/2 peat and 1/2 sand.

They grow in full sun. They do best with seasons, so they can go through dormancy. (A how to grow guide will be included).
Ships bare rooted. Due to schedule and safety live plants ship out ONLY on Mondays. 
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