Myrmecodia beccarii


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One (1) Myrmecodia beccarii

Myrmecodia beccarii, ant-house plant, is an epiphytic plant native to the wetlands and mangroves of tropical north Queensland, Australia from Cooktown to Mission Beach.

They will ship bareroot (as a plug). You will need to pot them up in light mix. The do well with rinsed coconut chips, coconut coir and long fiber sphagnum moss. Our mounted plants grow slower then those in pots. They do not need ants to colonize their cavities to make them happy. They respond well to Osmocote fertilizer. Ideal temperature is 60-95F with high humidity.

They grow in dappled sun.
Ships bare rooted. Due to schedule and safety live plants ship out ONLY on Mondays. 
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