N. sibuyanensis x merrilliana: BE-4026 – Large


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One (1) N. sibuyanensis x merrilliana: BE-4026 – Large

Photo(s) are provided by Borneo Exotics and are  representative.  Plants may or may not currently have pitchers.

An extremely striking and huge hybrid exclusively from Borneo Exotics. First introduced Aug 2020. The two clones that make up this item were selected for deepest red coloration from the same grex of seeds that make up BE-3542.
The female parent is N. sibuyanensis selected for its orange colouration from the assorted clones sold under BE-3164 and the male parent is the huge Mt. Legaspi N. merrilliana, selected from amongst the assorted clones sold under BE-3117. This cross is exceedingly robust and grows enormous globose pitchers which immediately draw the eye of any visitor to our nurseries. The pitchers are hard and have the waxy texture of the female parent.
Being an intermediate grower, this cross also tolerant of a wide range of temperatures.

A GIANT plant that is EASY = winning!

The photos shown here are representative and will be very similar but perhaps not quite identical to plants shipped.

Ships bareroot. Roots will be wrapped in sphagnum moss, but you will need to provide your own pot and more potting substrate when the plant arrives. We ship only on Mondays. 
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