Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung”


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One (1) Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung” small

Ships in pot. Photo with quarter is representative of size sold. First photo is of mature cultivar.

Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung” is selected by Best Carnivorous Plants for its unique and aggressive forms. It’s of medium size but with striking shapes! This clone has a distinctive appearance: the irregularity of its teeth and the peculiarity of its wavy and deformed forms make it truly one-of-a-kind. This plant and the other two similar sisters, “Kim”, are a must-have for those who appreciate deformed Dionaea! It’s one of our favorites! 

Coastal plain of southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina.


Climate: temperate
Life-cycle: perennial (Winter dormancy)
Shape: prostrate
Leaves: green, standard shaped, curved
Traps: green and Red, deformed
Teeth: short, irregular

They grow in full sun. They do best with seasons, so they can go through dormancy. (A how to grow guide will be included).
Due to schedule and safety live plants ship out ONLY on Mondays. 
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