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One (1) N. burkei BE-4512 LARGE

Photos are provided by Borneo Exotics and are representative.  Plants may or may not currently have pitchers.

Details from BE:

Endemic to the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, this under-appreciated species is as easy to grow as Nepenthes ventricosa and an ideal beginners plant. We find the hard woody pitchers exceptionally attractive, being red flecked on a yellow/green background with lustrous scalloped peristome. If pruned back it will form dense clusters of basal growths and many pitchers, with it being rare to find a leaf not developing a pitcher.

History: First introduced on the shop in Feb 2022.
Description: This is a horticultural cross between two parent plants, which were themselves raised from seed in our nurseries.

A random selection from a huge number of different clones out of microprop.

Ships bareroot. You will need to provide your own pot and more potting substrate when the plant arrives. Extra care will be needed as the pre-order plants will need to be acclimated slowly to your conditions. This means low light and high humidity. Check out this video that I helped write for the ICPS on “How to acclimate your carnivorous plants.”
Borneo Exotic Size
Extra Small (ES) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 2.5 cm (1″) up to about 5 cm (2″).
Small (S) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 5 cm (2.5″) up to about 9 cm (3.5”).
Medium (M) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 10 cm (4″) up to about 15 cm (6”).
Large (L) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf-span of 17 cm (7″) up to about 30 cm (12”).
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