N. rafflesiana BE-3722 MEDIUM


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One (1) N. rafflesiana BE-3722 MEDIUM

Photos are provided by Borneo Exotics and are representative.  Plants may or may not currently have pitchers.

Details from BE: “One of the most variable of species, both in form and colouration – there are almost no two alike. Form varies from squat to elongata and from miniature to giant. Colouration varies from white through red to nearly black with all combinations in between. History: First introduced around 2008 as nursery-grown plants on our old PDF price list, after we closed our lowland nurseries in 2012 it became unavailable for 9 years, except very occasionally as a few batches of medium size plants offered on the wholesale auctions .
Description: Created in our nurseries in 2009 using parent plants which were themselves raised from seed in our nurseries, we isolated these two clones from an original 24 as they were the most vigorous and easy to grow as well as being typical of the species.
These plants are in extremely vigorous growth mode, and as such the leaves are not very hard, since they are growing so quickly. But because they are so vigorous, they will establish easily and put on size extremely quickly. The root systems are also fully developed.”

Ships bareroot. Roots will be wrapped in sphagnum moss, but you will need to provide your own pot and more potting substrate when the plant arrives.
Borneo Exotic Size
Extra Small (ES) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 2.5 cm (1″) up to about 5 cm (2″).
Small (S) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 5 cm (2.5″) up to about 9 cm (3.5”).
Medium (M) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 10 cm (4″) up to about 15 cm (6”).
Large (L) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf-span of 17 cm (7″) up to about 30 cm (12”).
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