N. rafflesiana (Sandakan)


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These plants were imported in September 2022 from Malesiana Tropicals. Since the import they have grown new leaves in our 65-90 greenhouse.

Malesiana Tropicals Description: A spectacular form of this widespread lowland species with a wide-winged tendril ending in a pale cream and red-spotted pitcher. Mature plants produce lower pitchers which can exceed 45 cm in length. A fast and easy grower, plants obtaining a large size in just 1-2 years.

The LAST photo is provided by Malesiana Tropicals and is for reference only. The plant you receive may or may not have pitchers.

These plants ship IN THEIR POTS.

This Malesiana Tropicals plant is classified as a lowlander, this means they do best with 80-90F during the day and do not grow/do well if the temperature falls below 60 at night. They also do best in high humidity in range of 70-100%.

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