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One (1) N. merrilliana BE-3727 LARGE

First 5 photos are provided by Borneo Exotics and are representative.  Plants may or may not currently have pitchers.

This is one of the largest species in the genus and probably the largest lowland species. Exceedingly rare in cultivation but an easy grower. First introduced in October 2016. Both parents were selected many years ago as being true, from Legaspi . BE is proud to be the first to introduce this species into cultivation from seeds produced from artificially propagated parent plants. The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive.

Ships bareroot. Roots will be wrapped in a wet paper towel. You will need to provide your own pot and more potting substrate when the plant arrives. Extra care will be needed as the pre-order plants will need to be acclimated slowly to your conditions. This means low light and high humidity. Check out this video that I helped write for the ICPS on “How to acclimate your carnivorous plants.”
This is a Pre-order item, whose details can be read here.
Check out our last BE import here, to view the quality and sizes.
Borneo Exotic Size
Extra Small (ES) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 2.5 cm (1″) up to about 5 cm (2″).
Small (S) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 5 cm (2.5″) up to about 9 cm (3.5”).
Medium (M) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf span of 10 cm (4″) up to about 15 cm (6”).
Large (L) – Nursery grown plants with a minimum leaf-span of 17 cm (7″) up to about 30 cm (12”).
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